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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 p.m., starts now. and raising water. that is what residents woke up to today. the third storm to hit it area this week. what a punch it packed. good evening. i am here at the weather center
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with brian van aken. brian has been keeping an eye on the storm. are we done? >> we are done. storm is over. driconditions today. -- dry conditions tonight. rain totals since wednesday impressive. even by the bay, 3-4 y $íñp&inc side. notice the north bay. santa rosa, up and over 7 inches and some of the wettest spots for the mountains and hills, some places close to 16 inches of rain. that is an unbelievable amount of rain for 5 days. this is satellite and radar from 12 hours ago. there was the storm system. that pushed off to the east. out of california entirely but we are watching yet another storm system.
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there it is. high clouds tomorrow. the good news is, when it does get here the rain will be light. a quarter inch. most spots around the bay area, perhaps an inch or two into the north bay but not like the storms we have seen. live view, golden gate bridge tonight. high clouds from that approaching storm system that arrives tuesday. off and on light rain showers throughout the day, that continues to wednesday and dry weather returns for thursday. i will have the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. residents can rest easy. the flood warning issued for the russian river has been canceled. >> reporter: the people here can breathe a sigh of relief for now. where y -- i checked with the national weather service they canceled all warnings and watches for the russian liver.
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the water levels still pushing up on to the road here. you can see this is a beach right here. johnson beach. and it is closed. you can't walk out there because it is filled with water. back here, the walter comes up -- water comes up to my car on the road. the river still high but people here know this could have been worse. >> reporter: after two days of strong storms people close to the flood prone russian river are keeping an eye on the water level. >> if it rained today it would have flooded. the two days of rain put it to this extent. >> reporter: she remembers 1986 when the river flooded a good portion. she is thankful this seems to be slowing down and the river is starting to recede. >> it could have been worse. the people who live here are always ready to evacuate. >> reporter: several roads are
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flooded. and have become impassable. that is unless you have a very big truck. as the water continuing draining the river is two feet under the monitor stage and the national weather service isn't expecting anyone flooding for now. -- anymore flooding for now. >> we were expecting it higher than it is now with all the rains. and we got lucky. >> kron 4's reggie kumar spent the day monitoring the napa river. >> the water level rose to a foot above flood stage. 26.1 feet. you can see how high the water is and how fast the river is moving. in downtown napa lot of residents came by main and
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third street to take a peak at the water level. locals tell me the river used to flood every 10-15 years. but the river did not over flow this time. even though the city was prepared. it placed barricades and flooded signs in the downtown area near the river saturday. $400million was just spent on flood improvements, the project is still only 2/3 done but he says the revamped flood control system worked well. >> it continued after 8:00 a.m. this morning, raining till noon we might have had a problem. the project is designed to give the water more room when it is necessary. this bridge, third street is higher than the old bridge. and in the previous configuration water levels today would have been lapping at the bridge.
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>> reporter: she was concerned about the napa river water level since they own the water front project that houses restaurants, clothing stores and condos. >> they did a great job. >> reporter: officials will continue to keep a eye on the napa river. more rain is expected this -- expected this week and this is only the start of the raining season. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> pg&e is working around the clock to restore power to all customers. 125,000 customers were effected. >> a look at the number of people without power at the moment. north bay 1500 people without power. east bay 980 customers. 240 people in san francisco. 880 people on the peninsula are still in the dark. in the south bay, 1600 people
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still do not have power tonight. three firefighters in stable condition after they were involved in a accident on highway 24. fire crews were responding to an accident and were on the shoulder when another car lost control in the rain and struck the side of the fire engine. the car rolled over and hit three firefighters. also injuring the driver inside the first car. some of the firefighters had to undergo surgery but no one was killed. three firefighters were transported to the hospital. two of the firefighters needed surgery. look at this picture. this is a car stuck on a roadway. you can see the water level is up to the car's windows. you can see a person waiting behind the vehicle. if you have pictures and you want to send them to us, we will be right back.
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big thanks to hundreds of you who sent photos and videos of the storm. a glimpse of what came in to the news room. >> reporter: while this viewer strolled through the neighborhood streets examining the damage, others were busy snapping shots of the clouds above the golden gate bridge but it wasn't all pretty. trucks turned canoes and blocks now lagoons. if you didn't feel like taking out the trash, mother nature took care of that for some of us. through the morning the east bay taking a pounding. she shot this video as the storm barreled through her home in walnut and as trucks and cars pushed through the soaked streets of pleasant hill, the rain poured and gusty winds swung trees
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back and forth. river like conditions were as you can see the water was knee deep. if not for the homes you would never know this was a neighborhood. please keep sending in photos and videos. snap it and e-mail breaking news @kron >> a traffic nightmare left 20 drivers stranded in the rain. we got that story coming up.
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the mountains earlier today. a wet day. lots of heavy rain adding to thim pressive totals we have seen in -- the impressive totals we have seen in the past few days. tough travel on the roadways. san francisco, there is the golden gate bridge. a totally different story tonight compared to last night. we are mostly clear today. we have a few high clouds from a storm system due in tuesday. rainfall totals in the higher elevations up there but -- that is in the hills to the west. 16 inches of rain. a foot of rain for scots valley and the mountains. la honda 14 inches. this is just in 5 days.
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so that is a lot of rain. that can cause flooding problems and that is what we have seen for sure. here is the satellite view. high clouds tonight ahead of the next weather system that will produce rain coming up on tuesday. but this system is not as strong and it will track further to the north. the core rain with this event is going to take place around eureka, to the north of the bay area. quarter inch of rain from this. here is future cast. midnight tonight, clouds shaded in white tonight. high clouds. we will have breaks and sunshine, i think, for tomorrow. here is noon. not too many clouds. the clouds thicken into the afternoon and evening with the storm system rolling in. mube here till tuesday. notice what we are seeing, day.
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light rain, right and scattered. that will sum it up for the system. tuesday and wednesday. much of the light rain is falling to the north of the golden gate bridge but there could be showers as well around the bay and into the south bay. as we go into tomorrow, though, we are looking at dry conditions. temperatures in the 40s and 50s to start out the morning. and for the afternoon low to mid-60s with partly to mostly sunny skies. seven day around the bay forecast, tuesday light rain. same for wednesday. clearing into the afternoon. and the rest of the week looks good, thursday, friday, weekend, dry weather with sunny skies. >> our storm watch continues now as we travel down south to gilroy and the surrounding areas. residents gathered to watch as the water began to rise. water often goes over the road
11:18 pm
there. a levy was able to with stand the excess water however there was flooding in other parts of gilroy. in pittsburg a -- pittsburg a bag up today. these are aerials. sig alert was issued and a small section of the highway, only two lanes were open. a large pot hole was to blame. the pot hole that left dozens stranded in the rain. 25 cars blew out their tires after running into the pot hole. the rain made it difficult to see the pot hole. some changed their own flat tires in the rain. those who couldn't do it had to wait for help as they worked to fix the pot hole. >> i thought, oh, my god, it was bad. it was bad.
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there was a lot of people mad, it is raining, cold and we are stuck out here. i am upset. i am very mad. i hope i don't have to pay for this. >> a tow truck driver was at the scene. it was a five hour long ordeal tractor-trailer this morning, blocking two lane. the truck driver ignored the high wind warning and was traveling above the speed limit. it took 5 hours to flip it right side up again because they had to wait for winds to die down. bart is back up and running after power outages stopped trains. the first incidence happened at 9:15 a.m. this morning and created a system wide shut down and then it happened again after 2:00
11:20 pm
p.m. this afternoon. some people were stranded on board during the failure. an investigation is underway. power outages all around the bay today. pg&e says high winds blowing off the ocean pushed a power pole, made it snap in two. 39th avenue at 7:30 a.m. this morning. 8400 customers were without power. 17,000 customers had their power knocked out city wide. one problem after the third round of storms hit, falling trees, all over the bay area. residents came home to find a big tree fell in their yard last night. pg&e fixed the problem and then later another large tree comes crashing down and damaged the same power line that was just fixed. and pg&e fixed it later on in the afternoon.
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look at this picture. from inside the muni station. you can see water pouring down from above the station. wow! if you have any pictures of the storm send them to us at after the break, raiders and 9ers, find out how each team faired. that is coming up next in sports.
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all right. hello. the honeymoon is over for colin kaepernick, alex smith says that used to be me. frank gore goes 23 yards for the 1st down. he would finish with a one yard touchdown. 7-0. gore with 58 yards. 49 history here. smith tied the 49er record for sacks in a season with 17-1/2. in 1993. colin kaepernick first big mistake. scrambles and throws it away. the ball does not get back to the line of scrimmage. that is a safety. they rule it a safety. 7-2. here is his second mistake. over the head and the rams recover. jenkins in the end zone for a
11:25 pm
touchdown and they can't believe it. alex smith looks on at the mistake and the rams convert the two point conversion to tie the game 10-3. jim harbaugh can't believe it but the 49ers get the ball back. they could have been the defining moment of colin kaepernick's career. races down the sideline for the 50-yard gain. the longest run since steve young. next play, jim harbaugh gets aggressive. going for the touchdown. and it goes off the finger tips of walker. the 9ers settle for a field goal to take the lead and then with three seconds left, greg zuerlein might be the best kick in the game. ties it. 13-13 as time expires. over time. david akers a chance to win it.
11:26 pm
51-yarder, no. just to the right. he can't believe it. jeff fisher likes it. second over time in three weeks between these two teams till greg zuerlein with 26 seconds left in over time. 54 yards out. it is good. colin kaepernick loses his first game but jim harbaugh indicates he will start sunday. colin kaepernick took responsible for the loss afterwards. >> our defense played a great game. i -- i gave up those points on the score scoreboard for the rams. that is 100% my fault. >> tough one. we will have to bounce back very quickly. there is a football fight and we did not win it. >> yeah. raiders facing the browns that was bad. hadn't won in 13 games. almost two years on the road
11:27 pm
and the raiders were as bad as the y6mñwomñugly wet weather in as anybody knows. the coach leaves the team after the game for his ailing father. will be back by wednesday. meanwhile, weeden, 44-yard touchdown. 10-0 cleveland. carson palmer finds him, nice over the shoulder catch. 64 yards for the touchdown. 13-10. carson two touchdowns and a crucial interception coming right here in the 4th. kills the drive. raiders could have taken the lead on this drive. palmer a big mistake. 3-1/2 minutes to go and richardson waltzes in for the touchdown. 20-10. raiders fans let the team have
11:28 pm
it. they lose 20-17. 3-9, short week. they host denver on thursday night and that is it. we will see you later everybody. >> look at this picture that a viewer sent in. winds and rain from the storm, they knocked over a light pole. if you have pictures of storm damage send them to it is nice to have a break. >> absolutely. a break tonight and tomorrow and more wet weather tuesday. not bad. >> that is right. that is it for us everybody. have a good night. good bye. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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